The Vision

IMG_8403[1].JPGDistilling creative minds into something tangible, achievable and communicable can sometimes feel like herding cats.  But we are passionate and determined people and last week we got creative with glue, cardboard and buttons to put together the mood board which we hope will reflect a vision of who we are and where we want to be.

Anna and I (Hayley) come from different backgrounds.  Over a year ago I trained as a Forest School Leader after some time beating around the bush, so to speak, trying to define the way I really wanted to work with children.  Although I’m good at engaging a group and establishing a playful space, when it comes to working with real-life material substance and making it beautiful I tend to fall short (though I am awakening my curiosity to this side of myself).  That’s where Anna comes in- as an experienced artist with a love of nature, she has worked with a whole range of materials and she makes up for my shortcomings.

When it comes to working with glue and scissors at least- we are both in our comfort zone and that’s how we came up with our mood board- a pictorial representation of who we are (with a collection of pictures from the internet)- which we are taking to the council and the spaces we hope to work with to get them excited and anchor our creative minds in something real and possible.

Our vision is for clubs aimed at a variety of age ranges which conjure up the magic of the outdoors using storytelling, creative and forest school activities.  We want local parks and pockets of woodland to be a space for imaginative, creative engagement with nature based on a foundation of child-led learning.  We want to work in largely urban, inner city settings where exposure to nature is most limited.  Not only this, but we want to make it affordable for all families in the areas that we work in.

Ambitious, you might say, but call it folly or passion, we will do everything we can to see this through and make a far-fetched dream a reality.  Watch this space as the vision unfurls itself….

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